The Law Offices of Jamie Finizio Bascombe Negotiate a Settlement Against the Manufacturer in Landscaping Accident.

A 43-year-old client was paralyzed from a workplace incident where the cherry picker bucket he was working on high up in the air while landscaping crashed to the ground. Not only did our office assist on the workman’s compensation case for the client to obtain a tremendous settlement and future benefits for life, but we also proceeded on a defective equipment case where we presented a claim against the equipment manufacturer as well as the maintenance company that did not maintain the machine correctly. All of the named defendants settled for large amounts that will take care of our injured client for the rest of his life. Due to our case settlements, he and his family can live a more comfortable life and afford necessary medical care and treatment.

Settlement Attained and New Laws Proposed after 15-year-old Football Star’s Tragic on Field Death

A 16-year-old young city league Optimist Club football player collapsed on the field during a league game. There was no medical personnel anywhere in the vicinity, nor was there timely medical assistance rendered to him on the field. There was no safety equipment available to save his life, instead, he was left on the ground to die. His family, the defendants, accepted a significant settlement that provided for the young man’s mother in the wake of the loss of her son. The young man had tremendous potential as an athlete and could have gone on to play further in the leagues. After this tragic death and because of the facts that we unearthed during the case, a bill was proposed to require safety equipment such as an AED on sports fields to avoid further tragic injuries or deaths.

Too Drunk to Care” Drunk Driving Text Results in a Guilty Verdict. Employer of the Defendant and the Restaurant that Overserved the Defendant Held Liable

Two young students were killed tragically by a 20-year-old drunk driver. The underage drunk driver was at a work meet-up with her supervisor and co-workers who knew that she was underage and yet encouraged her to order drinks at a local restaurant, which served her despite her age. She became so inebriated that she did not remember getting into her car in the restaurant parking lot. She sped onto the highway, entering it from the off-ramp at an outrageous speed of close to 90 mph. She crashed directly into our client’s car, head-on, killing both Kaitlyn and her passenger Marissa. The driver had texted from her phone to her boyfriend, just before the crash, “Too drunk to care”.

This case made international headlines due to the use of texting done by the arrested driver and the implications of that confession in the prosecution of the case. Our firm reached an excellent settlement against the defendant companies, the restaurant, and the employer of the drunk driver. It also assisted and advocated the prosecutor’s office for the victims’ families to assure that a trial was held on the criminal prosecution of the drunk driver. She was ultimately found guilty and sentenced to 27 years in jail for the vehicular homicide of the two young girls.